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New Construction Duplex- Soundproofing help!
« on: October 16, 2013, 05:44:24 AM »
My name is Kevin Bass and I need some advice.  Im looking to purchase a 1 story duplex built on a solid concrete slab.  I spoke to the builder regarding the common wall construction and he said its like this:

Air space in the middle then two pieces of 5/8s inch gypsum on either side, followed by studs and insulation, finalized with a piece of 5/8s inch gypsum on the either side with is whats painted. 

Ive attached a Microsoft Paint image describing the layout of the duplex and the construction of the common wall.

Here my question(s).

1.  Is this adequate to be jamming in one of the bedrooms (guitars, bass, drums) without disturbing the neighbors.
2.  What can the builder or I do in the construction phase that will isolate me on my side so I can listen to music as loud as I like without disturbing neighbors?
3.  If this duplex common wall is totally built by the time I purchase it, what can I do to soundproof that wall?

Randy S

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Re: New Construction Duplex- Soundproofing help!
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The shared wall build out you show is a good system even though it is a quad leaf it will yield good noise reduction. Improvement on that system can be easily done by increasing the mass of both walls and adding a dampening compound like green glue.

Here is the problem, this is only one partition soundproofed out of a six sided cube. The STC value of the wall is reduced because you will have flanking noise around the wall (ceiling,floor and both perpendicular walls) This flanking value will be less than the main wall but it will exist at some value.
This is where you want to test the value of the flanking noise and address the flank accordingly.
This could be as simple as what I mentioned above or could require more extensive soundproofing such as decoupling from the structure.

Feel free to contact me direct if you would like.

Randy S.
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