Author Topic: Traffic noise heard on 16th floor  (Read 3547 times)


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Traffic noise heard on 16th floor
« on: December 22, 2013, 06:22:57 AM »
Hi Pals on this wonderful Forum,

I am from India and live in an High Rise apartment on the topmost floor (16th Floor) My Apt is situated on an busy intersection and is surrounded on all three sides by busy roads. The noise intensity has grown over a period of 6-7 years since the number of vehicles plying on the roads have doubled-tripled. My Apt has large size French windows in Aluminium Sliding. I have tried using heavy drapery but I find it makes little difference in noise reduction. Is there any other way to block the noise ? (considering the tall structure)


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Re: Traffic noise heard on 16th floor
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2013, 01:12:22 AM »
Hi xeinusa,
Your problem is not uncommon and there's standard fixes.

1. As you may have found, it's usually the windows and the options for fixing them is here:

Depending on if you wish light or not!

2.  The other problem is maybe your  doors going outside to a patio? .  The gaps around them have to be well sealed, but more importantly, if they have glass panels, it would be best to just replace the doors.  More info on our website.   
For what we know about soundproofing doors, go here:

Any details needed, feel free to call us as we thrive on helping people solve sound control problems!  (It's kinda our thing!)

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