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Hello guys, live in a single family ranch style home, with a 700 sq ft apartment unit in the basement that we rent out. Our old tenant just moved out and we are renovating. The biggest issue down there is the noise. Directly above the unit is all our bathrooms and bedrooms. There was very little insulation between joists and a drop ceiling, causing the perfect storm for noise. We have problems with both airborne noise AND impact noise, but the worst of it is caused when my kids or dogs are running in the hallway above. When this occurs, all you can hear in the unit is very loud banging, and the ceiling/floor shakes.

SO, my main plan of attack down there is soundproofing, and doing so on a budget. I have come up with 2 configurations that are roughly the same price and both fall under my budget....i will list them below. Please tell me which configuration will give me the best sound retention, with the impact noise being a higher priority than airborne.

Configuration 1:     Standard 6" R-19 insulation between joists (depth of cavity is 7"). Resilient Channel WITH NO CLIPS. Sound FX board (Green Glue version of QUIET ROCK) sheetrocked ceiling.

Configuration 2:     *2 layers of 3" Roxul mineral wool insulation between joists. Resilient Channel WITH CLIPS every 3 feet. Regular Sheetrocked ceiling.

Main difference here is simply using a standard ceiling instead of Quiet rock, and spending that money saved on higher efficiency insulation between joists and using sound clips with res channel as opposed to not. So sound retention properties of Quiet rock ceiling vs mineral wool and sound clips. Any info and feedback will be appreciated, lmk what you guys think, thanks.

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Re: 2 Ceiling Soundproofing configurations to choose from....please help
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option 2 would be best depending on which clips you are using and the spread of the clips and channel...and you should be hanging 2 layers of 5/8" drywall.
Clips will greatly outperform regular resilient channel considering impact noise is your primary problem.

make sure you leave the 1/4" gap around the perimeter and fill each layer with acoustical caulk.

If you need to save a couple dollars then just use regular insulation.
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