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« on: February 14, 2014, 02:27:37 AM »
Hello, i live in an apartment and i listen to music and watch tv play games etc.... my neighbors can sometimes hear me and i can hear tapping on the wall to tell me to stop. Can anyone please help me out, and i cant do any construction. I am thinking of buying acoustic foam, but i dont know if that will work, i was thinking of cover the whole wall with it. I need some real advice please and thank you.

Randy S

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Well the foam is not going to do much for sound going trough the wall, acoustic foam (open cell) is for conditioning with in the room.
You need to add mass in order to block sound. I would talk to your landlord and see if he will permit you to add a second layer of drywall with some mass loaded vinyl. If your paying for it the landlord would benefit in the long run.
To cover the whole wall with our closed cell foam mat would be quite expensive probably around the same cost to do the job right.