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Electronic drum set in apartment
« on: February 15, 2014, 09:42:22 PM »
I live in an apartment and recently bought a Yamaha dtxtreme III. Luckily I live on the bottom floor and have no one under me, however the drums are facing a wall that I share with my neighbors. The pads sound like I'm hitting a phone book and the kick drum has a bit more bass to it, what I would love to do is hang up some of these curtains ( and block out as much of the sound as possible for them.

I realize I am being paranoid about this, and even went as far as to talk to them about it and they are really cool about the drums, however I have been in their shoes and want to maintain as good of a relationship as possible with them!

Is this a reasonable way of doing this? The blankets say they have a NRC rating of .8, and they weigh about 11lbs each, I would love to get 6 of them and hang them in a square around my drums so I could play late into the evening.

Randy S

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Re: Electronic drum set in apartment
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Not sure how much reduction your going to get from this light weight product. Blocking sound requires weight (mass). Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) is for acoustically conditioning of a room.