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Neighbor’s garage door opener
« on: February 25, 2014, 09:04:56 PM »
Hi Guys! Please help me here! I just bought my first home last month. It's a four-story new construction condo, I live in the first and second floor and my neighbor lives in the third and fourth floor. My neighbor's garage is directly below my secondary bedroom. Every time he opens and closes the garage door, the noise and the vibration from the garage door opener is so loud and sudden that it scares me every time.

Of course I can't ask my neighbor to change the garage door opener (even though I am pretty sure the one he has is a cheap quality one since ours sounds 80% better), what should I do to reduce the sound and the vibration? My floor is already covered by carpet, is there anything I can install on the floor?

Thanks in advance!

Randy S

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Re: Neighbor’s garage door opener
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Here is a link to the data sheet for you to review.
you will not find these on our website, you will have to phone in your order.

Super Soundproofing Co.
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Randy S.