Author Topic: safety question of sound clips on ceiling  (Read 2736 times)


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safety question of sound clips on ceiling
« on: February 28, 2014, 01:42:17 AM »
last year, I did a soundproofing job in my master bedroom in my home, hung 2 layers of 5/8 drywall with green glue sandwiched between, attached on IB-1 clips and 25 gauge hat channel.  we had great results for airborne noise.
we had a flood in the house recently and the restoration contractor had to take down this ceiling.  he said it came down very easily, and he questioned the safety of this system.  in his words "i wouldnt sleep under this ceiling"
i am now wondering about the safety of this system?  have there been any cases of the ceiling falling down?  how much weight are the clips meant to carry?  any alternative "safer" systems?

thanks for your expertise!


Randy S

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Re: safety question of sound clips on ceiling
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That clip is sold by another company called "Soundproofing Company" we do not promote these type of clips. I would contact the company you purchased them from and acquire the load specifications for them.
We promote this clip;

Which has a 36 lb. 2.5;1 with 25 gauge hat channel.