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soundproofing a room I use once a week
« on: April 29, 2014, 09:05:10 PM »

I am a member of a group of people that meets once a week, in a room which is upstairs, in a church hall, there is a kickboxing class that meets there in the main hall, on the same night, so the first half of our meeting is a bit distracting with music, shouting etc.

There are two hatches in the wall, which were put there for projectors, but have been sealed so people can't open them. I think that's where the sound comes through, mainly.

I have spoken to the person we rent the room from, and he said he didn't want the hatches opened, (I had had the idea of stuffing them with some kind of blanket or something).

I was wondering what ideas people could suggest for this situation. The only other thing I can think of is maybe putting some kind of cover over the hatches, on the other side of the wall, or somehow putting something over them on our side of the wall, perhaps that would muffle 10% of the sound? The doors on them aren't 100% flush, so I could put some bluetack in them or something.

Any tips, suggestions gratefully received.Many thanks!

Randy S

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Re: soundproofing a room I use once a week
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You can use our composite of 1/8" mass loaded vinyl and 1/4" closed cell foam.

Here is the link.