Author Topic: Soundproof (reduce) in-law suite from bar in basement with brick veneer?  (Read 3064 times)


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Hi, we have just gone under contract to build a bar in my basement that would share a wall with my mother in law's apartment. We are taking a few measures to ensure noise control:
1) Building a new wall with rock wool insulation in addition to the existing wall
2) using sound-proof sheetrock on new wall (quietrock)
3) adding solid core door to entrance with proper seal

My question is this: we are considering using a thin brick or brick veneer for aesthetic reasons on the new wall. In an effort to cut cost, we are considering using standard dry wall and then adding the brick veneer rather than the more expensive sheetrock mentioned above. Would brick veneer (along with our other measures) have a similar sound suppressing affect is the quietrock?

Randy S

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Ok, you want to make sure the new framed wall does not touch the existing wall, this is critical (decoupled wall).

As far as the soundproof drywall you can do a far better job using cement board and green glue.
1/2" hardie backer or durrock ...the real goal on the decoupled frame is to load as much mass as possible. So 2 layers of cement board with green glue followed by your brick.

Make sure you offset seams between layers and caulk everything.. air tight water tight is important.

If the door you mention is going into that apartment you better install 2 doors back to back with as much space as possible and the heaviest doors you can handle...doors and windows are always the weakest points in soundproofing projects.