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Author Topic: need to soundproof front door, looking for replacement.  (Read 3310 times)


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need to soundproof front door, looking for replacement.
« on: May 09, 2014, 04:16:18 AM »

townhouse sits on busy road.
built in 2013 - walls are 8" concrete block
live in south florida
doors must be impact doors
i purchased citiquiet soundproof 5 windows & one door total cost was $6000. i have 7/8 laminated glass in all windows and 1/2 laminated. the windows have 2-3" air space and i believe the door has 2" airspace in the bedroom.  i did the lighter test on each soundproof window and on the windows i see 4 flames reflecting, but on the door i only see two flames. How does that affect the soundproofing? They have helped tremendously although we still here the loud trucks, cars, motorcycles with crappy or no mufflers or with loud stereos with low frequency, but i knew these windows were not going to stop them. like other posters i now truly hate motorcyclists, people with loud stereos and fast & furious type foreign POS's..:)

We still here sound coming through the bedroom door with the soundproof door. i thought the frame they used for the door was aluminum but i am pretty sure it is hollow. Is there anything i can do to fix the frame?

the door downstairs is has not second door for soundproofing and is just a metal impact door (most likely the cheapest one possible from the developer). my wife wants me to find a replacement but we don't want to spend $3000-$3500 for a STC rated impact door which has been the price for some quotes. that one was for a republic door.  Can anyone recommend any other company that makes impact doors (no windows, and i live in an HOA so design has to be match as best as possible to the existing door) with a good/high STC rating to block out as much sound as possible. She doesnt want a second door down there.   

my doors are 36"x96"
downstairs door is solid
upstairs door has laminated glass (cheap door as well). anyone recommend a door replacement that is impact and good STC that doesnt cost a fortune?