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Chilled-water AC Unit
« on: March 24, 2014, 08:57:31 PM »

I have a split A/C unit which has a compressor that is chilled by cold water which is installed in my laundry room, next to the bedroom. It is currently sitting on the floor on top of a pad of rubber foam to help with the sound but does not really do very much. The sound it generates is very similar to the sound you hear for outdoor air cooled units and the noise level is very annoying. How can I best soundproof this unit? Should I change the rubber foam pad out to something better and/or build a sound proof box around it?

Thanks, Joe

Randy S

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Re: Chilled-water AC Unit
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I do not think your going to be able to do much to the unit itself and the unit needs to breathe, so I would say soundproofing the wall and the door to the laundry will be the best approach.
How does the laundry room vent air?
through a louvered door or duct in the ceiling/wall?