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Hey, I'm back, this time preventative medicine


Okay, been having noise issues every place I move, this time, I'm visiting neighborhoods multiple times and talking with people there about noise issues.  I'm favoring one place, but I see dogs everywhere. If they're to be believed, I'm told there's no dogs left out at night and its really quiet.  Three doors down are two Doberman's that appear to be outside dogs, they're about 400 feet away from the living space.  Across the street are two Labs, they're also about 400 feet away but I'm told they're never out at night.  There's a bunch of tiny yappie dogs scattered around. 

Question is, I'm I likely to hear these dogs from inside the house?

Randy S:
absolutely you will hear some value of dogs barking, it might be tolerable it might not be..if anyone tells you that you will not hear them barking they are wrong...

Thanks Randy.  The place we live right now has two dogs on the next street that bark whenever anyone passes in front of their house, you can hear it clearly outside but I haven't heard them inside.  I'd say they're also 400 feet away.  That's what made me wonder if it might actually be fine to buy this other house.

Randy S:
well thats great! you must have good windows in your place and other variables might be in play which is why you are not hearing them in your house..
It would be foolish of me to assume that you will not hear the dogs in your new place with out knowing all the factors that go into play with soundproofing windows, fencing, topography, wall density etc etc...
remember there is no such thing as 100% soundproof.


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