Author Topic: Soundproof bedroom from vibration from large fan/cooling tower on roof  (Read 2687 times)


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I live on the last floor of 14 story UES building in mahattan, right under the roof. On the roof there another mini structure and on top of that mini-structure there is a cooling tower (AFGO Marley), see attached image. Note, the apt is under the roof where where the plants/chairs are, so not directly under the tower.

The fan turns on and off depending on how hot it is outside and how hard the compressor in the building's basement is working. When the fan is on the decibel level in my apartment goes up from about 48db to 55db so it is quite annoying, but even more annoying than the sound itself (which i can block with earplugs) is the vibration. This is particularly bothersome at night to a point where I cant sleep - as it feels like there is a base/vibration in my chest/head, and earplugs dont help. I cant say that I feel that the walls or the floor of my bedroom are actually shaking but I do feel that there is enough vibration waves going through the bedroom that my body senses it.

I am looking for both long and short term solutions:

- is there something i can do quickly to relieve immediate annoyance? (hot week in nyc so the fan is on quite often). Some people on this forum suggested towels/rubber squares under bedpoles - would that help? Anything else?

- what about longer term?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much.

Randy S

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we do the towel trick as a test to see if you experience a reduction on your bed, if so then you purchase the dimple vibration pads as the solution.

As for long term for the entire unit would require putting anti vibration pads under the offending unit and decoupling any hard connections to the structure.
 Unfortunately based on the photo, I highly doubt they would be able to decouple that size of a unit.
I would contact the manufacturer and have a discussion with them about the potential of isolating the unit to see if it is even possible.

Randy S.