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Suspended ceiling + SafeNsound
« on: August 06, 2014, 05:34:50 AM »
We are currently renovating a 3 story appt building built in the 1940's.
All floors/ceilings are built with wood where joists are 24" appart.

The primary objective is to comply to current fire code regulations.
Consequently existing suspended ceilings need to be redone with fireguard approved material.
We are using Armstrong 24" x 48" x 3/4" Fine Fissured Second Look II - Fire Guard - HumiGuard Plus.

Given the non-existent soundproof between ceilings/floors we decided for the 1st floor to isolate between the joist using SafeNSound. A thick polythene under the SafeNSound was laid out to prevent odors to run from 1st to 2nd floor (1 unit has a restaurant).

I am not totally clear yet on the SoundProofing gain since the units have not yet been occupied. However we could still feel a lot of noise reduction when some renos were going on on the 2nd floor.

Installation of the SafeNSound between the joist has been quite a daunting task.
There are so many things in the way that make it difficult to install the SafeNSound such as : cross bridges, plumbing from above floor, wiring, etc.

Now we are starting the 2nd/3rd floor and I am re-questioning our current approach (lengthy and costly).

There are 2 Options I am considering:
1-Layout the SafeNSound right on top of the suspended tile ceiling making sure that each piece leans against each other. That may require adding more rods to hold the tees for the extra weight. I believe I read that this isn't recommended but I forget why other than the extra weight being added to the tile grid.

2-Build a wood framed suspended bed between the tile ceiling and existing joist.  This suspended bed would be similar to the tile grid but only for the purpose of laying out the SafeNSound barrier. This approach has the benefit of having nothing in the way to layout the SafeNSound bed and making sure there are no cavities.

Any idea if someone has used the above approach before ?
Will this work ?



Randy S

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Re: Suspended ceiling + SafeNsound
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2014, 07:33:14 PM »
We have done this before, it is a " Band-aid" for the problem but works fine for the cost...I am not sure why they would say not to lay the insulation on the tiles, it is done all the time and usually the wires can hold up to 500 lbs each....

Best to give me a call direct to discuss further in detail.

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