Author Topic: Tenant downstairs can hear people walking upstairs  (Read 3037 times)


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Tenant downstairs can hear people walking upstairs
« on: August 12, 2014, 01:54:12 AM »

We have a two story home that was originally one house but converted later into separate apartments.
The downstairs apartments say they can hear everything upstairs from walking, to young toddlers pushing walkers and throwing balls.
Quote from tenant: 'The ceiling/floors between the dwellings vibrates and squeaks, the windows in my apartment shake and there is a constant thumping and banging from the sound of feet hitting the ground. On occasion things are dropped onto the floor or dragged across it'

As it was originally one house there is insufficient noise barriers between the top level and bottom level.
Upstairs is floorboards in the living areas and carpet in the bedrooms.
The windows throughout are original.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

As a side topic our windows shudder when buses or large vehicles go past, as we live on a moderately busy road. Any suggestions there would be useful.


Randy S

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Re: Tenant downstairs can hear people walking upstairs
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Ok first off you should replace the old windows or at least have them tightened up if they are rattling, same with the subfloor..soundproofing will not reduce structural squeaking.
Then you will need to either install a decoupled floating ceiling system from below or install a floating soundproof floor from above.
There is a lot of information for these options and would be best if you contact me direct to discuss your options.

You can reach me at 760-752-3030 ext 104

Randy S.
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