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Soundproofing a mezzanine / box bed
« on: August 23, 2014, 01:10:26 PM »

I've had issues with my neighbours and noise, mostly parties - bass, chatter, sometimes acoustic guitar sing alongs, it doesn't always bother me but if I need to be up early and its keeping me awake its a real inconvenience. My reading online suggests that soundproofing a room was too extensive/expensive a job for me at the moment. But I was hoping I could do something more localised.

I currently sleep in a mezzanine bed and I was hoping I could surround it with soundproofing material and block out the worst of the noise. Obviously I would want to seal myself completely in, so there's always going to be noise getting in, but I hope it could reduce it enough that it won't bother me too much (at the moment I use ear plugs and background music/white noise and that works most of the time, so I just need something to help it along.)

The bed is basically a normal bed that rests on three plinths that are bolted onto the walls and wooden pole bolted to the floor for the freestanding corner. There is about 3" of space between the walls and the mattress, and I can attach stuff to the ceiling. I guess I was imagining buying some mass loaded vinyl and putting it up on the ceiling and walls, or building a false wall/ceiling and filling it with something, but I'm not really sure. There seems to be so many options and differing opinions, and I'm concerned that because my plan is different from a normal room install general advice of a website might not be helpful.

And ideas/advice?

Thanks for your help!