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Subfloor soundproofing for new townhome
« on: April 16, 2015, 04:08:18 AM »
I just moved in to a new townhome community and the residents have complained about the sound transmission between units.  The builder has described the wall as a staggered wood stud wall with R-13 batt insulation on both sides with a 1" air gap in between.  Both walls are a single layer of 5/8" sheet rock. 

The builder had the FSTC measured and the result was 45, which met code. 

I doubt the wall is the issue, so I started looking at how the subfloor was built.   In another topic on this forum ("Soundproofing a party wall in a duplex"), someone describes a similar setup and suggests that the builder might not have "separated the subfloor".  Could someone describe what that means? 

Also, if anyone has any good information or resources on what can be done to reduce subfloor flanking noise, it would be much appreciated.

If anyone is interested, I've attached a picture of the party wall detail I obtained from the county plans the builder submitted.