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Soundproofing party wall in senior citizen condo
« on: September 24, 2014, 03:34:08 PM »
I live in a condo for senior citizens.  My bedroom shares a wall with the living room of the next apartment.  The resident of the next apartment is slowly (over the course of several years) going deaf, I guess, as I increasingly hear the radio/TV in my bedroom.  This sound can occur as early as 6AM and as late as 1AM.  On many occasions, now, I can make out about half of the dialog in a news cast.  I have discovered that the wall construction is 2 layers of 5/8 drywall on either side of a 6” steel stud.  There’s fiberglass insulation batting inside this wall.  I was told it was ‘thin’, so I would assume 3 1/2 inch.  From soundproofing web-sites I’m guessing this wall construction would fall in the STC 50 range.  Not too bad in general.  Unfortunately, my case is not general, it’s specific to a very loud TV adjacent to a room wherein the occupant wishes to go to / stay asleep.  If the TV is blaring at 85-90 dB that leaves 35-40 dB for my ‘quiet’ room where I would prefer 25 dB.  I’ve taken to turning on the HVAC fan, which is fairly noisy, to mask the speech.  The pink noise of the HVAC isn’t as bothersome as the semi-intelligible speech.

I’d like to get this wall up to STC 60+ as I don’t wish to disturb the life style of the octogenarian neighbor.  I assume I will, since it’s my money, be able to have my side of the wall reconstructed.  I’m thinking of two options.  The first would be to remove the existing drywall on my side and, maybe the insulation, and replace with UltraTouch Demim insulation, and replace the drywall with two layers of QuietRock or SilentFX.  I’m also thinking about putting Green Glue between these two layers. 
The other option I’m considering is, after opening the wall, put up a free standing wall with 2x4 steel studs and then cover this new wall with the above materials.

The floors in this structure are poured concrete.  The ceiling of the room may well be the ceiling of the structure as I’m on the top floor and the room height is 9 1/2 feet.  The wall is 14 feet wide.  I’m interested in getting an opinion from some knowledgeable readers as to the probability of success of each of these approaches.  If I’m going to end up paying several thousand dollars for this retrofit I would like some assurance I’d end up with a quiet bedroom.


Randy S

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Re: Soundproofing party wall in senior citizen condo
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Here is the way to build a decoupled wall system that will achieve 60+ STC rating.

Remove existing drywall, re insulate with cotton fiber insulation.
Staple up 1/8" mass loaded vinyl covering the entire wall.
tape and caulk mass loaded vinyl layer like a fish tank.
now install clips and channel directly to the studs.
followed by 2 layers of 5/8" drywall with 3 tubes per 4'x8' sheet with green glue.
Leave 1/4" gap around the entire perimeter and fill with acoustical caulk. each layer.

Randy S.