Author Topic: Create SoundProof structure for bed?  (Read 7183 times)


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Create SoundProof structure for bed?
« on: October 03, 2014, 02:07:41 AM »
I live in the middle of a pretty noisy city.

Last place I lived what nuts; constant partying and bass music.

This current place doesn't have that, but there are still people talking right outside my window Thurs + Fri nights, cars, construction crews, roommate computer sound effects. Luckily no bass noises (I know those are the toughest to reduce).

I just need my sleep, is all. I already use ear plugs and white noise - more is needed, sadly.

Anyway this may sound nuts --- but I saw your post about the "portable recording studio" -- as a mini soundproof room. My bedroom is already quite small (8x10 feet, I'd estimate). Still --- I rent, so I know options are limited. I'm only in my bedroom to sleep, really. Couldn't I create a small, free-standing soundproof enclosure around my bed? I know that sounds nuts, but seriously --- my number one priority is peace and quiet while I sleep.

Would that work? Picking up some deadening/ particle board at Home Depot, and then I suppose your 2'' vinyl-nitrile foam (although I don't know if 2'' is overkill -- a bit expensive, too)? What's the difference between the vinly nitrile foam and the mass loaded vinyl - I'm confused as to their difference uses.

Also, would a three-sided enclosure work, if the open side was away from the source of the sound, or is that not how it works?

If I make something completely 4-sided like your soundproof booth -- then my one concern is -- how do I ensure air flows in there? I mean, it doesn't need to be completely sealed to keep out sound, right? Especially since I'm on the first floor, and there's no sound coming below me at all (or really above me, either).

I don't know -- I just like the idea of a sound isolation chamber --- especially if I move to another apartment -- I don't want to deal with more unbelievable city racket. I just want to know how it can be done, and if it will be effective. thanks


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Re: Create SoundProof structure for bed?
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2014, 02:29:38 AM »
Oh yeah might as well get all my questions out here--

If I do try to replicate your portable recording studio structure for my bed unit, is there a major difference between plywood and particle board? Particle board appears cheaper, and these won't be facing the elements. In terms of soundproofing, is one better? The vinyl nitrate and/ or MLV is going to be doing most of the soundproofing, right?

Also, do you have any further instructions on the hinges, or will I have to figure that one out? Looks like i'd have to leave a small gap in the middle of the hinge for the boards to bend into place. I'm not really a handiman, though I'm willing to spend some time and money on this project, of course. Ideally around $200 - $400 (looks like the foam and MLV are definitely the priciest in this equation), if this thing will actually work effectively. Sleep for the next year is definitely worth at least that.

Again, a tad confused because your page talks about using caulk to fill in all the gaps ... how exactly are you supposed to breathe in the structure, then? Surely there should be a small opening somewhere, maybe away from the noise -- probably a gap an inch or two above the floor as well couldn't hurt too much, right?

Randy S

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Re: Create SoundProof structure for bed?
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2014, 03:57:30 PM »
You might not need to do any of this stuff that you talk about..

The first thing I would do is address your windows...This might just solve your problem or reduce the noise to a level you can handle.

Here is the link to view.  Get 3/8" plexi glass and install our system.

This would give you 50% - 75% reductions since your not dealing with bass.

Randy S.