Author Topic: new build duplex unrentable  (Read 2626 times)


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new build duplex unrentable
« on: November 22, 2014, 08:57:31 AM »
just had a duplex built and the sound proofing is so bad you can hear talking worse then a single family home with open joist basement with no insulation or drywall.
the basement has RC channel with 2 layers of 5/8th drywall, with some sort of John Mansfield sound/fire insulation that i had never seen before. I figure they must have short circuited the rc channel or the main beam running accross the house does not have RC channel on it just 2 layers of drywall.

does anyone have a construction detail for sound proofing the main beam in an up and down duplex? or any suggestions of some remedies.


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Re: new build duplex unrentable
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For these types of sound problems I will need you to contact me direct to discuss all the variables and principles that need to be applied in order for you to see a value out of your efforts!

Call Me direct!

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