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Reducing noise from kitchen fridge compressor
« on: March 25, 2016, 03:20:09 PM »
I would like to silence my noisy kitchen fridge compressor. I am thinking of doing the following:

  • wrap the fridge compressor in some sort of acoustic dampening material
  • put a strip of acoustic foam behind the fridge, along the bottom hole, to seal off the open area where the compressor is exposed to the alcove -- this was suggested by the appliance repair people who advised that replacing the compressor would be too expensive -- they said to close off this area leaving the fridge coils above (along the back of the fridge) exposed to the air so as not to affect cooling
  • put acoustic foam under the fridge and up the back wall of the alcove
  • line the sides of the alcove surrounding my fridge with whatever material that will have the best STC rating.

1) Could you recommend what products will be best and have the highest STC rating for each of the above?
2) What is the STC rating for 2" SSP Foam Mat, and is it twice as good as the 1"? I am thinking of using this below the fridge and up the back wall of the alcove: but am wondering if a thinner, less expensive material would be better to wrap the compressor and might be more practical along the sides as there is not that much room between the fridge and the edges of the alcove (see photos).

The alcove is around 7' high and the fridge is 24" wide.  The depth of the wall to the left of the fridge is approx 2 feet. The right wall of the alcove is ~16" deep. The compressor produces a humming sound and I have been told it will be very expensive to replace, so insulating as proposed above seems to be the best way to go.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.