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Soundproofing basement for drums
« on: June 09, 2016, 05:50:09 PM »
I live in a townhome connected to several other units.  I am a drummer and would like to be able to play my drums without bothering anyone.  While I have taken some measures to dampen the drums/cymbals themselves, I would really like to take measures to soundproof the room itself instead.  The problem is that I rent and can't do anything permanent to the basement.   Here's the situation:  The basement is mostly unfinished, however I have put down some carpeting and I do have a thick carpet underneath the drum set.  The set is in a corner furthest away from any neighbors (we're kind of an end unit).  The walls are bare concrete and about 9-10 feet high (floor is also concrete).  The basement ceiling is wooden framing, 2 steel beams, etc). Directly above the drumset is my family room, which connects to another unit and so I feel like most of the sound is coming through the basement ceiling.  I wanted to try hanging thick carpeting on the walls and ceiling or stuffing some kind of insulating foam in the between the wooden framing above.  I know none of this will be 100% soundproof, but it doesnt need to be.  It just needs to be soft enough so it doesnt make it to my neighbors.  Any tips, tricks, solutions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Remember, it must be temporary (a few nails is ok) and I'd like to not break the bank.  Thank you!!!   

Randy S

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Re: Soundproofing basement for drums
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This is a "Band-Aid" so we can try for the bang for buck...

Fill the ceiling cavities with cotton fiber insulation, at least R19 .

Since you can not build out or add mass, the next best thing would be to build some portable panels and attached Mass Loaded vinyl and cotton fiber to them...and place them around the drum set and attach a couple to the ceiling like clouds...
The ceiling ones should be as close together as possible..if you can seal the field seams of the panels that would be best.

Randy S.