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Author Topic: Climate Seal Acoustic Series Insert vs for my needs?  (Read 10843 times)


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We live in a 2-story house, and there are two windows in our master bedroom that we'd like to do soundproofing on, so we don't get woken up in the morning by noise (dog barking, birds chirping, train track nearby, lawn mower, leaf blower, motorcycle, next door neighbor working out and doing dead lifts).

I attached a photo of our bedroom, and as you can see, there are two windows (measuring 38 10/16 x 58 8/16). The space from the window frame to the wall (sill) is 2.75 inches. We never open those two windows so we don't need a solution that's movable at all. In case of emergency, we have a drop-down rolled up ladder next to our master bathroom window.

I've researched soundproof windows ( and they are quite expensive. I even had a guy come out and measure my windows and is going to charge me $2,100 total for two soundproof windows ($1,980 for the product, and $233 for shipping).

Climate Seal Acoustic Series Window Inserts ( cost a lot less (it's basically one of those magnetic acrylic panes, and I was quoted $670 for the two windows, not including shipping), but based on STC ratings alone (STC 37 for double hung windows), it doesn't compare to (which they claim is about 48~54 STC).

However, because I only have 2.75 inches of sill space to create air cushion, I'm not sure if I will reach past diminishing returns by going with the more expensive laminated glass. The soundproofwindows guy said if I go up to 5/8" thickness (instead of 1/4"), it'll help increase the STC a little and help with the low-frequency noises a bit more.

So what I'm wondering, is if the cheaper solution is already effective enough for my needs (considering the 2.75" of sill space), or despite not having a lot of air cushion space, the more expensive solution is still going to be a lot better than the cheaper solution? The $1,310 difference in price is pretty steep, so I'm really struggling with the choices here.

Randy S

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Ok, lets keep this simple..

Mass / gap / mass = value of reduction

This is the science behind soundproofing windows.. the larger the gap with a value of mass on both sides in an air tight installation is the goal.
Yes there are diminishing points of return but depending on the the value of reduction you need or budget will dictate whether or not you get there..
2.75" gap is good, so based on 1/4" laminate glass on both sides of the system would achieve STC 43.
now always remember that lower frequencies are harder to reduce. In the end the soundproof window system you build will only be as good as the wall is.
The links you posted are basically the same approach just with some aesthetics.

Here is a DIY system that would be cheaper and achieve the same value.

If you have further question you can contact me direct.

Randy S.


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Thanks for the reply.

If I get the Magetseal frame and then buy the acrylic panels, wouldn't the final cost add up to about the same as the Climate Seal Acoustic series Window Inserts (they basically include the acrylic panels and magnet strips, thus the overall cost)? So what's the advantage of choosing Magnetseal over the Climate Seal Acoustic Series? Also, isn't laminated glass superior to acrylic panels? So why use the Magnetseal over (aside from the price) if the 5/8" laminated glass will provide better performance?

Randy S

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That would all depend on the cost of the acrylic in your area, the kit for those windows would be $63 each window not including shipping.

yes laminate glass does work better than acrylic but of course the can not use laminate with our system due to the risk of breaking the glass...

options are based on cost vs reduction. so what is best for you is for you to decide we only help you understand the end goal...
the number one system is just to install a second operable window in the same window box...but again its down to cost vs. reduction.
You will never achieve a 100% reduction and the value of overall reduction will be based on the walls anyway.

Randy S.