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Sound-noob would appreciate advice!!
« on: March 20, 2015, 08:26:42 PM »
Hello friends,
I have a couple questions that I want to ask in this post, unfortunately, I am not familiar with the jargon. Whenever I search google for the topics,  or look through forums I still have many questions unanswered. I was hoping that by sharing my situation with you, people that understand and love the subject, I would come to better understand and figure out how to tackle my Accoustic problems.

So, here it goes.

I've owned a restaurant for about a year now, started it with my siblings and It went very well at first. However, 2 or so months into it my older brother got mugged and kill, and about a month or so my sister decided she wanted to move. I've been trying to juggle this business by myself for a year, but I wasn't able to hold it up as well as when I had my fam with me. Too many responsabilities, and emotions to juggle around.

Now it's been a year, and I've opened my eyes again. "who am I to let  our dream little by little?" that thought hunts me. So, I've been building back our reputation, new food, better music, more and more people are stopping by. Finally, the place feels alive again. As you know though, conquering obstacles only give you more mountains to climb.

Apparently, our landlord thinks we are making too much noise, enough to come and actually costumers out (during business hours!!). We are "lucky" enough to have him live behind the restaurant, hah.. Either way, I'm trying to keep it cool and solve the problem instead of adding flames to the fire.  My older brother was a sound producer, and he would have known what to do, and he would have done it himself. I want to do the same.

So, I ask you
- Is there a way I can soundproof the place to reduce the noise I'M making? Most of the articles I've found about / how to soundproof rooms tells me that it works so that you don't get any of the outside noises, inside.
-Or maybe a way to redirect the sound so that it travels towards the outside of the restaurant so that it goes towards the street instead of towards my old friend.

                    Grumpy landlord [  X  ]  //  bathroom  //     /   costumer area        //    Street
                                               ------ //    kitchen     ><    /     costumer area    ><
                                               ----- //------------------------------------------------------
                                          Can I make it so sound moves this way? ---->
                                          Instead of <<-------------->>
//  ____ ------      = Walls     / = Bar     ><= Doors

 What I'm looking for is to have my costumers be able to sing along to a song they like without being chased off by a half-naked, grumpy old man.  I don't think its too much to ask, and if there is something I can do to the acoustics in order to help the place keep going, I will do it!

I was thinking of making a couple of these acoustic panels,
or maybe soundproofing my windows?

either way, any help/advice will be greatly appreciated! Even if its just to point my to the right direction?
thank you!

Randy S

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Re: Sound-noob would appreciate advice!!
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2015, 03:44:52 PM »
Interesting links you have posted, these will not help you at the level of reduction you need.

The first link posted is for acoustic treatment,this treats the room you are in...not blocking sound.
The second link is an interesting article but it lacks most of the science behind soundproofing windows..

To avoid posting a novel on the forum, it would be best to have to contact me direct to discuss your options and find out exactly what amount of reduction you will need to avoid future problems with the landlord.
This can be accomplished but I need a lot more information in order to guide you in the right direction the first time without wasting money on failed attempts.

Randy S.
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