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Hello all,
   I need some advice here . I live in an apartment in a  big city in India . My problem is about privacy. I grew up with all the noise in indian cities . I am not bothered by mechanical noise , if an aeroplane or a train goes by me I will hardly be distracted . I am also  not bothered if there is a factory or construction site nearby .
    But now I hold a software job , and I do lot of work mainly from home/bedroom . The problem is there are lot of low life junk men and women who live in these apartments . They are distracting me in my work with their constant coughing, sneezing, swearing , banging etc . If they did those thing because of other reasons or watching tv etc  then it would have been alright . But they are specifically distracting me and preventing me from concentrating in my work . I think it is about human jealousy envy etc . It also does not help that I belong to a different province and don't speak their language or follow their customs . I am also a very sensitive person psychologically . The most serious thing is that because I cannot concentrate  my career i suffering. My  plan is to buy/rent an individual house eventually. But I think cost wise I need to stay in a rented apartment for say another 5 years .
   I want to soundproof my bedroom as far as possible for these 5 years  so that these people  are not hearing me when I work on my computer in my bedroom .  I have done some research . Now to begin with I just want to ask 1 question here ,
If I am soundproofing my bedroom which floor should I rent next , is it groundfloor/above basement  or the top floor . My guess is ground floor if I want privacy , that is sound should not go out .

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Re: Should I rent on groundfloor/above garage or on the top floor .
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I would say ground floor but is the basement a parking structure? if so that might become a problem.

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Re: Should I rent on groundfloor/above garage or on the top floor .
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Thanks for giving the suggestion . So I will try out  an apartment which is directly on the groundfloor with no car park underneath  . All old buildings over here were like this,  with their  car park on the side . But most buildings in costly urban areas have car parks and other store rooms etc underneath .

But I think renting an apartment over the basement is also a great improvement due to 2 reasons.
1. the basement is mostly open , so there is an ambient noise unlike inside the flats . People don't hear you properly, if you are directly above and  they are in the basement compared to if they are in an enclosed room.

2. Also people don't live on the basement 24 hours  . They don't hear my activities 24X7, so   there is less chance of a negetive psychological  build up which I was referring  . If someone lives on an apartment 24 hours and all he/she hears are my activities over her ceiling then at some level it drives them nuts psychologically.