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I have an ileostomy.  That means my small intestine pokes out next to my belly button about a half inch.  I use a bag, adhered to my body, to catch poop.  Of course, before and after that, there is gas.  This sounds like a fart.  I measured the noise level and it is from 70-80 dB.  I would like to muffle or mute this sound as best as possible.  The limiting factor is thickness....maybe 1/4-1/2 inch.  Any suggestions?  This can be embarrassing after lunch in a quiet office cube or meeting.  Thanks for your replies and suggestions. ;D

Randy S

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Re: do you soundproof them?
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you will need to build a pouch that the bag will sit in and makes a seal to the body.
almost like a fanny pack.
I have done this before with a mechanical feeding machine.
you can use our 1/2" foam mat.

Randy S.