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Hey all!
I am in 1200 sq ft storefront. Its an older strip mall of 4 businesses.
A few years ago a dog groomers moved in next door to me. Needless to say it can tough sometimes with the noise from the barking dogs (thank the Lord my hours are not the same as the dog groomers most of the time!)
The landlord wants to help me muffle the sound as best as possible. I have 12 foot heigh ceilings that go to a drop ceiling. I've noticed that if you pop the drop ceiling, there is no insulation or drywall from the ceiling to the roof. (Does that make sense?)
I'm not looking for the sound to be 100% stopped, just for it to be a little bit less loud. Should we start with building out the wall with drywall and insulation above the drop ceiling? Is that a waste of time? Should we just soundproof the walls?
I can provide pictures if needed.
I apologize if this was already covered (I'm sure it was somewhere...) and if so, just point me to the link for the thread.
Thanks again everyone!!!

- Jon

Randy S:

You will need to complete the back side (groomers side) of the wall, all the way up to true deck (roof).
once that is done and sealed with acoustic caulking you should add more sheet rock either in between the studs against their drywall or is you can just simply add another layer to their side.
Then remove the drywall on your side, insulate that cavity.
Build a new frame wall 1" apart, insulate new cavity.
now add mass loaded vinyl to the new frame followed by 1/2" cement board and 5/8" drywall.

This will give you a good reduction and you should not have to deal with your ceiling.

Feel free to call me direct.

Randy S.
760-752-3030 ext 3095

Thank you! Do you have anyone in NJ who could do this work?

Randy S:
No I do not but we can teach any contractor how to install our material and do the build out correctly.

Randy S.

Thanks Randy!


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