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Mitigating Sound From My Open Air Balcony
« on: May 28, 2015, 05:26:22 AM »
What would you recommend to help mitigate noise that my disabled son makes playing on our balcony?  The balcony sides are only a few feet high, but our HOA has said that they would be interested in building the wall higher if it would help reduce the noise for other residents.  We have double sliding glass doors that are impossible to lock from the inside and we are afraid my son will break the glass even if we did find a way to lock the doors so he could not get onto the balcony.   Fully the balcony isn't really an option, plus we enjoy our plants and they need some sunlight.  Is it even possible to reduce sound in an area where there is no roof?  Thanks!

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Re: Mitigating Sound From My Open Air Balcony
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What if you where able to enclose the balcony with 1/2" plexi glass like you would see on outdoor patios in restaurants?
The next option would be raising the wall height and maybe adding an exterior absorption product to those walls but the value of reduction would be questionable based on height of wall, line of sight and diffracted path.

Give me a call direct and we can discuss options.

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