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Garage for Recording/Practice Space
« on: October 27, 2015, 02:35:39 AM »
I'm glad I found this place--- seems to be an awesome source for information.   I'm feeling in over my head, at this point, figured I'd post something here---  I just bought a home with a detached 3-car garage, roughly 23' x 35' total.  I'm hoping to make a space that's suitable for loud band practice, but that could also double as a recording studio.  My plan is to to leave one garage bay alone, but frame out the rest into two rooms.  I would remove the other two garage doors. I am thinking I would make one room roughly 22' x 16', and another about 17' x 10'.   

The existing 2x6 framing is already insulated---  After spending time reading about construction methods to sound-proof recording spaces, it looks like the best choice for my situation would be framing out a complete room within the existing space, instead of just hanging drywall on the existing walls. 

It looks like the two choices are building a double 2x4 wall with 6" air gap, insulating the double wall, and attaching two sheets of 5/8" drywall each to the outer sides of the wall (so drywall on the side facing into the new room, and facing out towards the garage walls), dampening the drywall with green glue
2x6 walls with offset 2x4 studs, + 2 sheets of dampened 5/8" drywall on both sides, possibly use resilient channelling....

So here's the onslaught of questions-  does the existing wall in the space count as a leaf that could negate my soundproofing efforts?  Or should I just ignore it and build the new walls a few inches in from the existing perimeter walls? The plywood siding on the outside of the garage doesn't have much mass, but it must have some effect on the soundproofing?

Will I need to mud the drywall, or just caulk it into place?  I understand that want to avoid causing the walls and the drywall to resonate as one piece.

Also, does this seem like the right approach, or am I missing something entirely?

Thanks so much for your time- all my best

Randy S

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Re: Garage for Recording/Practice Space
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2015, 03:29:20 PM »
Ok your close... you have an outer shell (existing garage) that first needs to be sealed and mass added in between the studs and joists.  You are making a bubble of equal mass.
The outer wall that divides the garage your going to keep will need to be built, sealed and mass added and the garage doors framed in and treated equally.
This is when you will build your baffle boxes for ventilation.
Once this is done and you insulate the outer shell. Now you build the new frame with a 1" or greater space from the existing bubble.
You will need to decide if you are going to clip and channel the ceiling or build a new ceiling on top of the new wall build..this must be decided before you build the new inner frame so we can make the connection correctly and not short the wall to the existing ceiling.
Install your electrical to the inner frame seal and insulate.
Now you are ready to add the dampened mass to the inner frame.

Normally I like more mass then double 5/8" at 2.3 lbs per layer = 4.6 lbs.
I try for 6-8 lbs per sqft on each frame.

Now that you have a starting point, it would be best to call me direct in order to make some decisions before you get to far ahead and make a mistake.

Randy S.
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