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My house takes a rectangular area of  6 x 30 m2. There is a 12-15 cm dividing wall in all the 30 m that separates my house from the neighbor.
About 3 years ago in this 30m wall, the neighbor (a very bad person) has embedded copper air conditioner pipes (without insulation, note the wall is  only 15 cm wide).  I think to install air conditioner, you have to be a qualified professional, otherwise is illegal.

Since then, in some rooms of our house we have noticed hot air, coming from that wall. Also there are vibrations that creates nausea, headache and ears problems (I believe this is an infrasound).

We have notified to the authorities from the beginning and even have done a civil trial, but the situation continues. We are sure the neighbor are hiding the installation.

Can you suggest any way to protect againts this infrasound ???  I have made a (3 x 2.4 m2; height: 2.4 m) wooden shed (inside our house), without any contact to the common wall. My idea is to insolate the shed with polyurethane (making a sandwitch with the wood inside and outside). The idea is sleep there. Can this be enough ???


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It would be best to open the wall and wrap the pipes with our MLV w/ closed cell foam,
Make sure the pipes are decoupled from the structure before wrapping.  After you have done the wrap you can re secure the pipe.

Pipe diameter x 3.1415 + 1 = the width needed to wrap.

Use seam tape to seal closed

Insulate the cavity if not already insulated and finally hang 2 layers of sheetrock/drywall

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