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keeping noise in hobbyroom
« on: August 26, 2015, 09:48:49 AM »
Hi everyone
I tried to read through the forum and on the internet but i couldn't exactly find the answer i was looking for.
I have a hobby room on the second floor of my house. We use it mostly to play boardgames so the main noises are people talking, laugh and some swear once in a while. I wanted to prevent the noise going OUT of the room and down the stairs where the bedrooms are.
The size of the room are 2.5 m X 3.5 m, has a slanted wooden wall on one side and the rest of the walls  are plaster.
My idea was to put 5 cm soundproofing foam on the wall and door that is adjacent to the staircase.
I made a drawing (not in scale) hoping to more or less convey the idea.
Can i expect a reduction of the noise heard downstairs? if yes to what degree?
If soundproofing foam is not usefull for this purpose, and considering that any building or renovation is out of the question, what option do i have left?

Thanks in advance

Randy S

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Re: keeping noise in hobbyroom
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2015, 03:20:58 PM »
For this type of problem it should be easy to get some reductions...
First, make sure the door is a solid core door like oak or mahogany you need the door to be very heavy 150lbs. minimum and make sure it is sealed in the closed position.
Once that is done you will be able to see the value of the walls, if sound is coming through you will need to double the weight of the wall.
By doubling the mass you will see a 40% to 50% reduction. This will require multiple layer to do this not just one!!!
the foam panels you mention will do some good after you have doubled the mass of the walls.

If you can not do this modification then as for the value of the panels it would come down to how many you put in the room... Those type of panels normally only show value in the room not leaving the room.

Randy S.