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noise from compactor
« on: September 29, 2015, 03:04:20 AM »

I live on the third floor of a condo in a 10 story building.  The condo is situated beside the garbage chute.  When the garbage compactor (on the ground floor) is run (approx once per hour), the noise/vibration is audible throughout the condo.  It's an all encompassing sound which is hard to pinpoint, but it seems like its coming from the ceiling as opposed to the side walls or floor.   

The condo is concrete construction with metal studs.  I'm concerned that the noise may be travelling through the duct work.

Would decoupling be the best solution?


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Re: noise from compactor
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Yes decoupling would be the best solution for the vibration caused by the compactor but for noise going thru the duct would require a baffle box or baffles installed in the vent.

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Re: noise from compactor
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Thank you for the prompt response!