Author Topic: Wooden floors in a flat: trying to minimise noise leaking into the flat below.  (Read 3287 times)


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I'm planning to lay engineered wooden floors in a flat, located on a top floor of the block of flats. Being music fan and percussion player I am trying to minimise the noise leaking into the flat below.

The underlay with the highest noise reduction (27dB) that I could find online was Timbertech Acoustic Plus 5mm.

Alternative option would be a slightly thinner 3mm underlay (20dB reduction) + a layer of regular underlay.

Would these help me to dramatically reduce the noise leakage out of the flat? Are there any other options?

Also, as the ceiling is not very high, putting 10mm soundproofing blocks wouldn't be a practical solution.

Thanks for you help!

Randy S

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After reviewing the link you provided, I would have to say that unless your floor is 6"-8" concrete this product will do very little for sound control.
And I see no lab reports to prove their statement of db reduction.

First, you need to build the mass of the floor to reduce airborne sound. You can use products like 1/2" cement board or mass loaded vinyl if you can find that out there. you need to at least double the weight or more.

second, in order to reduce the bass and impact on a standard stick build you will need to build a new decoupled subfloor above the mass you have added.
This will raise the floor of the flat.
The product should be similar to this one.

What you need to notice is that you have decoupled 50% of the floor surface from contacting the original subfloor.
This is how to reduce impact and bass.

Randy s.