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Author Topic: Laminated vs. Plain Tempered Glass - Difference In Sound Reduction?  (Read 2394 times)


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I think I have found a place that will make custom laminated glass for a much more reasonable price than I was looking at before. The purpose here is to add a third glass layer on the inside of my current windows. However, it is almost twice as expensive as tempered glass of the same thickness.

I know that laminated glass is just two sheets of tempered glass combined with an interlayer, but I want to know the difference in sound blocking ability.

Suppose I stack up 1/4" of laminated glass against 1/2" tempered glass, which cost about the same amount of money. What is the difference in sound blocking ability going to be? Does the laminate layer really make THAT much of a difference? Which sheet of glass would be superior here, all else being equal? I would imagine that the 1/2" glass would be better overall, but I am not certain.

Any clarification here would be much appreciated. Thanks!