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Author Topic: Sound Proofing Windows/Walls From Neighbor's Car Door Slamming  (Read 11317 times)


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Re: Sound Proofing Windows/Walls From Neighbor's Car Door Slamming
« Reply #15 on: February 04, 2016, 06:07:47 AM »

And for my last reply tonight, here is a recording of the door slamming which I took tonight. Using FL studio, I have determined that there is a considerable amount of noise above 250hz, but as suspected there is much below that which seems to be insurmountable and is where most of the volume is concentrated. I'd say 100hz-200hz is where most of the unblockable volume is. Then again I am not sure if the phone has trouble recording lower than that. It could be that there are additional low frequencies that I am not capturing.

This recording was taken from my iphone 5c from an open window. I'd estimate there is 60-70 feet between the phone and the source vehicle. You can even hear the window vibrate somewhat due to the low frequency sound. Tragic, just tragic. I just wish I could make some db measurements to go by. Good meters are a lot.