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Noise from below
« on: January 07, 2002, 04:39:01 PM »
I live in the UK in a one bedroom flat.  The flat is one of eight in a 100 year old building which was converted for flat usage.  I moved in about a year okay to discover that I could hear my neighbours directly below me quite loudly - mainly TV and stereo noise, but also coughing and arguing (!).  
At that time, I pulled up all the floorboards in my flat.  All that was underneath was the plasterboard of the ceiling below.  I filled all of the cavaties in my floor with fibreglass, replaced the boards, and put a layer of either chipboard or hardboard across the top.  To my dismay this did little to stop the noise.
I have looked into the soundproofing materials available in some depth and have contact various companies who have come round and given advice and quotes.  Very few of them have heard of the MLV (or a UK equivalent which I can get from a local dealer).
What I want to know is how affective would it REALLY be if I laid it down in the noiser rooms? In particular my lounge which has a a chimney breast which is only boarded up with wood and a column of pipes from below that run through the whole building which have been boxed in.  I imagine that these would be effective noise transmitters.
I know it is difficult to gage when you don't know the layout of my flat nor the level of the noise I am trying to reduce, but I am desperate for an objective opinion without someone trying to sell me something which might not do the job!!
I would appreciate ANY help on this matter.