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Limiting sound travel from floor above
« on: January 21, 2016, 12:39:30 AM »
I am working on limiting the sound that travels from the floor above down to a sleeping area below. When standing in the sleeping area the ceiling above is constructed of 4x12 main beams/joist placed 48" on center. On the beams is 2x6 tongue and grove boards and then glue down carpet on the top for the floor above. There is no real ceiling above the sleeping area. Just a open ceiling where I can see the bottom of the sub floor (2x6) above.

When in the sleeping area below I can hear the voices of people above as well as their footsteps. I'm looking to limit both these noises as much as possible while I also realize that full soundproofing will not be possible.

My first choice would have been to hang a drywall ceiling off the bottom of the 4x12 beams with the disconnecting channel that many places sell. However if I was to do that I'd make my ceiling less than 7' which would just be making the room feel to small. So from the start I realize that choosing not to do that will limit me on my "soundproofing"

My plan right now is to build a short of false ceiling in between the beams that I can hang drywall on. Like halfway down the beam. Then I would use fiberglass insulation between the 2x6 subfloor and my new false ceiling. Then I was thinking of double layering that ceiling with two sheets of drywall and using Green Glue product between them. My hope was this would cut down on the "speaking" noise that passes through from above.

My next thought was that the "thump" of footsteps is probably still going to travel right through those main beams and be just as loud. I'm not sure if my false ceiling would help the existing level of walking sound b/c right now the 2x6 flooring is opened directly to the room below? So if you think that the walking sound would still travel right through the beams, I'm wondering if it would even help any to put a layer of drywall around the bottom and lower half sides of the beams with more green glue between the drywall and beams? that way everything between the ceiling and room below would have a layer of green glue between two hard layers?

I am open to any thoughts or ideas I understand from the offset that I would be able to limit it all but I'm hoping to make it better than it is now.

Randy S

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Re: Limiting sound travel from floor above
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2016, 06:43:21 PM »
You need to install a decoupled soundproof ceiling system.
Contact me direct and I can send you over a cut sheet and photos to show the steps needed to take in order to achieve a cost vs. reduction system.

Randy S.