Author Topic: vibration from ac in downstairs apartment ceiling is causing bass like sound  (Read 3884 times)


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I just moved into a 3 story apartment building and I am on the top floor.  Eachunit has some sort of compressor in the bathroom ceiling (the main ac fan unit seems to be outsides

All the layouts of the apartments are the same so the AC/compressor unit in the 2nd floor is essentially beneath the floor of the 3rd floor bathroom.

When the AC is running in the 2nd floor apartment, there is a vibration in the entire bedroom but the real problem is that the vibration seems to be turning into sound in the bedroom.  Its like a deep base or subwofer is being used.  Its not loud but its preventing me from sleeping in the master bedroom.

My question is in two parts;
1 - is there an instrument/tool I can use to determine the frequency I am hearing?  I want to record the vibration in a video to prove to the apartment complex owners that the problem is occurring (the maintenance guy is kind of old and says he doesn't hear/feel anything).

2- If there is any material or damping I can put in the bathroom floor that would eliminate the vibration?  I am thinking probably not since the vibration is coming from the apartment below and then being converted into sound and reverbing throughout the master bedroom.

One note - I am already sleeping on an air mattress and the problem isn't that I am feeling any vibration, its the subwoofer type sound that is keeping me awake I want to get rid of.

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You can use a decibel meter that shows frequency, but since it is the vibration is the main issue you might need to get an acoustic engineer in there to check with a vibrometer.

For the reduction of vibration you are best to decouple it from the source as opposed to trying to reduce it from the receiving side because will just go around the barrier you install.

can you find out how the unit it attached to the structure?
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