Author Topic: Neighborhood Studio Sound Reduction (Quietrock vs Channel vs Double Drywall)  (Read 4175 times)


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Hello, I have read a lot of good info on this forum about sound reductions/sound proofing and would like a few opinions on my specific set up. I have included a map showing the studio and my neighbors with the distance between them.

I am moving in to a 22x16ft space behind the garage at my grandparents to help care for them while I finish university. I plan to make it a studio

To create a satisfactory sound reduction in my new jam space so my band can practice without ANY possibility of neighbor complaints. I prolly don't need to soundproof completely but do not want any neighbors hearing me in their homes or barely outside.

The walls are currently sitting with exposed studs and insulation ready to take a next step

I am wondering what the necessary minimum is to accomplish this is based on my specific needs:

Here is what is spinning in my head:

1. Would just double 5/8" drywall with acoustic glue between work well enough? (Cheapest)
2. Do I need quietrock? Locally sold for $50 a sheet.
3. I have almost completely ruled out things like genie clips and channel as quietrock is calculating to the same cost (around $1000 without ceiling)
4. Are there better options in the same budget range these days?

Randy S

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if you are playing drums and/or bass guitar you had better decouple the system or build room in a room otherwise all the bass will get to your neighbors with ease.

You need to decouple, increase the mass to at least 10lbs per sqft.

quiet rock is just marketing for mass...used good old 1/2" hardie backer cement board (2 layers) and 5/8" drywall...

I understand that soundproofing is not cheap but the last thing you want to do is spend good money on things that do not work...  it might take some time to save for the extra cost but it is far better to do it right the first time.

Send me an e-mail and I will send you a invite to my dropbox so you can see a full drum room build.

Randy S.