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Unknown source of rumble/vibration in wall
« on: July 13, 2016, 04:38:55 AM »
So this has been happening for around 2 months now.

We have a deep rumble in the 50hz/60hz range at 60db (dba for that frequency) in our bedroom that only occurs at night to early morning (11pm to sometimes 9am). We are on the third floor of a condo unit. it is coming from the side wall/corner where our building connects to the next (though as best as we can tell it is coming from a bit which is a little bit past the next building, they aren't exactly in line. These are in NYC by the way)

The sound started after some AC guys did some work on the building. Originally we though it was some of the AC condenser units outside, but we have flipped the fuses on those and there was no change.

The only options we can think of are 3 condenser units mounted on the side of the building about 2 floors up (possibly causing vibration in the building) or the large AC units on the first floor which have exhaust stacks near our apartment (the apartment is the third floor railroad so has windows at the front and back of the building but at the back there is a floor up to the second floor).

We don't think it is coming from outside otherwise we would hear it at other times. It is always at this 10pm/11pm time when it starts.

I guess what I am asking is do you have any ideas for finding the source of this? I'm confident that once we find the source we can then go about fixing the problem, but finding it seems to be really hard.

As another piece of evidence, we went up to the the fifth floor and listened to the wall. The sound is quieter but is still there.

Could it be something inside the wall? Could the sound travel up from the first floor?

Thanks. Am desperate.