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Author Topic: Looking for advice / recommendations for sound proofing bedroom window in condo  (Read 2812 times)


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Just moved into a townhome/condo and the noise from the main street outside our bedroom window is worse than we anticipated. I've done some research on potential solutions, but see a lot of mixed results. Hoping some folks here can set me down the right path.

Attached is a picture of the window. Dimensions are about 10'x9'. We've considered window inserts, sound absorbing panels, sound proof curtains, and even replacing the windows. Not sure how much control we have over replacing the windows though since this is a townhome and there are probably HOA rules around this.


1. Windows still need to be able to open. This is one challenge with the inserts as the ones I've seen don't appear to open. And we don't have a lot of space to store the insert if it were removable and we wanted to take at down at some point. So it's got to be somewhat permanent.

2. Needs to look good. Some of the acrylic models didn't look all that great.

3. I'm not sure how much of a difference sound proof curtains will make. This is the more ideal solution aesthetically as some of the curtains look really nice, just not sure how well they really work.

4. Price isn't much of a problem as I'm kind of willing to spend whatever it takes to give me a peaceful nights sleep.

thanks for any advice or direction.

Randy S

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if you own the place the best bet would be to install a second window in the same window box.

other wise this would be a multi piece insert due to size...

Feel free to contact me direct to discuss

Randy S.