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traffic noise coming through attic
« on: September 13, 2016, 02:52:38 PM »
I've added some magnetic vinyl sheets to my windows as well as some heavy curtains which seems to have helped a good bit in reducing noise levels.  It now seems as the noise is coming through my ceiling.  I'm in a single family ranch home that I own (well the bank owns but I'm paying on it) so I can do whatever is best and cost effective to help reduce the noise in the master bedroom. 

So I'm wondering what's the best way to reduce noise coming into the room through the drywall on my ceiling.  The attic is directly above and has typical pink insulation.

Is there a blow in insulation that would work better?  Maybe tack down some mass loaded vinyl?  For now I'm only worried about the one room.


Randy S

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Re: traffic noise coming through attic
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In order to achieve a good value of reduction you will need to cap off the joist in the attic and increase the mass of the ceiling.
there are some details that will have to be addressed depending on the attic and room layout.

Best to call me direct to discuss particulars.

Randy S.