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How to block noise from a demolition company next door
« on: October 31, 2016, 02:13:11 PM »
I have had a demo company move in right next to me. They have already put a fence up blocking my view and have removed natural water absorption and flood my yard every time it rains and on top of that the noise is awful. They park/ maintain the equipment they use next to me as well as operate a dumpster business. Dumpsters being picked up and dropped off just a few feet outside my back yard fence. Sounds like they are dropping cars in them.The constant noise from beeping, grinding, using a generator and truck washing crew comes in and washes everything making a ton of noise.  Huge plies of debris pushed with a machine that sounds like a rollercoaster. I can no longer use my backyard at all, have my windows open and my chickens hardly lay eggs anymore and I think the repeated noise like torture is getting to them as well. They begin the day at 4:30 a.m. Literally I am slowly going crazy. He has worked all holidays and weekends so  no break is ever given from the constant noise. I have already been to the police department, the environmental police department, an attorney and the EPA. No help at all. Please advise me.

Randy S

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Re: How to block noise from a demolition company next door
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this will not be easy, I need to know how high the fence is and what distance from source to fence, also distance from fence to you. We need to look at diffracted path and shadow zone to determine if there is any value at all.
There are a lot of variables in play here and we have to look at them all.

Feel free to call me direct.

Randy S.