Author Topic: using generator insulating foam for insulating festival venues (tents)?  (Read 3715 times)

Robin Collings

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I production manage a large scale festival in the UK that hosts around 80 venues, mostly in tents.

I'm looking for an effective way of insulating the walls of these tents to prevent them creating long range noise pollution.

I have used sand filled cavity wall type structures built using demountable 'flats' (theatre set style wooden panels that bolt together) but the weight and the cost or moving the sand / keeping it dry makes that hard to use in this case.

I was thinking about making 'Flats' lined with the foam that is used to silence engine rooms in trains and generator enclosures...

1. has anyone tried this type of thing?
2. is it a stupid idea?
3. What about the bass frequencies?


Randy S

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Re: using generator insulating foam for insulating festival venues (tents)?
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When it comes to outside noise absorption does not show good value in reduction.
Your sand walls would work better then foam.
If you want something easier you can use mass loaded vinyl in blanket form or in raw form and attached to fencing.

Randy S.