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Soundproofing an open doorway and a shared wall
« on: November 26, 2016, 05:05:40 PM »

We've built a recording studio inside 2 rooms of a rowhouse and are in need of sound proofing help, as one neighbor who has just moved in is complaining and calling the cops.  (I won't even get into the fact that we've run this for 15+ years with no complaints until this new neighbor)  >:(
Anyway, we've reduced the noise greatly but there are 2 main issues remaining.  There is a shared wall with the complaining neighbor.  We're not able to modify the wall and there are lots of shelves and other built in structures that don't allow us to hang anything directly on that shared wall.  so looking for some help there.

The other issue is a large opening (big enough for 2 doors side by side).  Again, we're not able to modify by installing doors; but we could nail into the framing around the opening.  Currently (since we had them) we're using 2 mattresses and 2 box springs side by side, covering the opening with pillows and towels stuffed in any gaps.  This reduces the noise surprisingly well,  but it's not practical as we have to move them each time we want to get in and out.  So we'd be looking for some help in covering this opening and letting even less sound through then the mattresses do.  The opening is approx 7X7

Thanks much for your assistance in this.  By the way,  we have a little money to work with but not a large budget - few hundred max.