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Author Topic: How effective is .473" Acrylic and Magnetseal at reducing low airplane noise?  (Read 544 times)


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Thank you everyone for sharing your expertise.

After much reading on this very informative forum and elsewhere on the internet about soundproofing windows I think I'm set on purchasing a sheet of .473" acrylic and DIY magnet sealing from ( to take back control of the peace and quiet in my bedroom.

Although I've seen that this solution is perfect for the higher pitch hum of the roadway; is it effective at silencing the roar of an accelerating truck or the sound of a low flying plane? I live with a major airport runway directed over my house so large airliners fly within 1000-2000 feet above my house. There is also a major highway within 800ft as well from which I hear trucks throughout the day and night. The noise can get pretty bad. Just looking for some final validation that this will indeed work before I pull the trigger and go ahead. Attached is a photo of the window in question. The air gap at the shallowest would be slightly greater than 3" and the window measures about 48" by 60".

Thank you.

Randy S

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This combination would be a good reduction 3" air gap and almost 1/2" acrylic you should hit STC 49

Randy S.
Randy Sieg

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Just wanted to provide an update. I just attached a 1/4" acrylic sheet to the window today and the results are very very good. Sound level is reduced significantly. Airplanes are almost inaudible unless you are standing right next to the window, general traffic noise is completely gone and the only little sound you can hear is the very very low rumble of trucks (but it has been significantly attenuated). Thanks for all your help Randy S and