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Author Topic: How effective is .473" Acrylic and Magnetseal at reducing low airplane noise?  (Read 104 times)


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Thank you everyone for sharing your expertise.

After much reading on this very informative forum and elsewhere on the internet about soundproofing windows I think I'm set on purchasing a sheet of .473" acrylic and DIY magnet sealing from ( to take back control of the peace and quiet in my bedroom.

Although I've seen that this solution is perfect for the higher pitch hum of the roadway; is it effective at silencing the roar of an accelerating truck or the sound of a low flying plane? I live with a major airport runway directed over my house so large airliners fly within 1000-2000 feet above my house. There is also a major highway within 800ft as well from which I hear trucks throughout the day and night. The noise can get pretty bad. Just looking for some final validation that this will indeed work before I pull the trigger and go ahead. Attached is a photo of the window in question. The air gap at the shallowest would be slightly greater than 3" and the window measures about 48" by 60".

Thank you.

Randy S

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This combination would be a good reduction 3" air gap and almost 1/2" acrylic you should hit STC 49

Randy S.
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