Author Topic: Sistering joists--any point in putting green glue in between?  (Read 1750 times)


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I am in the middle of soundproofing my basement ceiling. Overall project is to fill bays with roxul, attach noise isolation clips to bottoms of joists, furring channels to clips, and quiet rock to furring channels.

After taking down the old ceiling, I noticed that some of the joists had been notched improperly and were showing some cracks. Structural engineer said not a problem yet but recommends sistering the joists to prevent issues down the road. Sistering involves putting construction adhesive between the old joist and the new, then bolting them together. Obviously, the bolt represents a direct coupling.

Any point in using green glue instead of construction adhesive? I'm sure it doesn't do any harm, but it's a waste of money if it's not getting me anything.

Randy S

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Re: Sistering joists--any point in putting green glue in between?
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just use construction adhesive and sister correctly, stiffening the subfloor will be better for noise anyway.
Your clips are the decoupler from the structure.

Randy S.