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Soundproofing air vents in a drum room


Hello everyone. After 'beefing up' the soundproofing in a drum room, I've realised some ventilation is gonna be useful! I caught on real quick with that idea!
From hours of research it seems I'm gonna have to cut a couple of holes in a stud wall in the drum room (it's half of my garage) and build some sort of dead vent boxes, one with a fan, to restrict the passage of sound so my soundproofing isn't compromised. At the moment, outside the room the drums hit 40 to 50 dB on my sound meter. I'm hoping the vents aren't going to spoil all my hard work so far.
So, here are my questions:
Can I just use an acoustic vent, I've seen them on various websites and it seems they offer around 45 to 50 dB sound reduction. If I used one of these, would airflow be sufficient.
If I go down the dead vent/Baffle box route, what sort of dimensions and how many baffles should I use. Is it better to use 3 or 4 well spaced or cram about 10 into the same size box. Is there much to be gained from having really big boxes with lots of well spaced baffles or is there a limit to how many baffles/how big a box is effective
Should I use one Baffle box each side of my wall, so that I would have a total of 4 boxes, one each side if each vent.

As I said, I've done lots of research on line but I just can't find definitive answers to these questions. Hopefully they are all just dumb questions that are obvious to some of you who are hopefully reading this!

Randy S:
Your questions are valid and important, doing the baffle box calculations are based on a few factors.
Room Size
CFM requirements
Duct size
if HVAC unit is involved you would need to make sure it can supply enough air to push through the baffle box.
Baffle box design dictates length of run.

Best to call me direct to discuss your options.

Randy S.

Thank you for your quick response Randy.  I'm in the UK and from. Your number I'm guessing your not!
The room is about 8' x 8' x 7' and usually just has one person inside.  I won't be using any in line heating or air conditioning and I was hoping to use a 4" duct and fan.

Randy S:
send me an e-mail so I can send you some information.

Randy S.


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