Author Topic: Triple layer single leaf with green glue for mobile drum booth. Any stats?  (Read 4216 times)


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I'm building a mobile drum room in my garage.  I'm in a rental so I cannot biuld onto the existing garage. Me design so far is a double leaf wall with each layer being 16mm MDF with green glue in between.  I have two concerns.

1.  Will this cause a triple leaf effect with my existing garage.

2.  This will be a complex construction and not very mobile.

Therefor I am considering a single leaf wall with three layers of MDF with green glue in between.  This would increase the mass and lower the resonance to something better for blocking kick drum.

I'd like to know if anyone has any info or experience with multiple layers with green glue in between and if my logic on lowering the resonance with mass is correct?

Randy S

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since you are building it in your garage, using the garage value this would be complex structure,

Make sure you close the back of the new walls since you could have a difference in mass at some areas  in the garage.

I have used multiple layers with green glue in between each layer and worked pretty good for the cost.

total 4 layer system 3 at source / one layer closing back of frame and you should be good.

Randy S.


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I like your information a lot.